Hey Girl!

I'm Grace

I'm here to provide you with beautiful images that will have you walking away with a renewed sense of confidence and self-love.

I'm going to be honest...
I hated high school

So i'm determined to help other girls have a different experience.

Throughout my time in high school, I struggled with insecurity and self-hatred. I never felt like I was enough. Compared to the lives other people presented on Instagram, I felt inadequate. I spent so much time scrolling through social media and feeding my depression that I lost the chance to create the wonderful memories that define high school. After I graduated, I finally realized that life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. I learned that I don’t owe anybody anything, and I’m the only person I need to be good enough for. 

The best part of photographing seniors is helping them reach that realization, too. I love seeing the way each of my girls transform between our first meeting and when they see their photos for the first time. My ultimate goal is connection and self-love. I want to be someone my seniors can reach out to and rely on, but more importantly, I want them to fall in love with the person they are becoming. I hope that they are each able to take that love into the next chapter of their lives and look back on their senior session with me as a positive and influential experience.

"The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence"

words i live by

— Cinderella

Meet the team

Sarah Jane

Sarah is the lead hair and makeup artist at Grace Rennaker Photography. She started her business in 2016 and specializes in portrait hair and makeup. She knows exactly how to make you look your best on your big day. 

In her freetime, she loves traveling, finding new places to eat, and hanging out with her fur babies. Her typical Starbucks order is a salted caramel sweet cream cold brew.



Chloe is Grace Rennaker Photography's Intern. She helps with marketing and social media, as well as assisting on every photoshoot. She graduated from Fridley High School in 2020 and is planning on pursuing a degree in Marketing. 

You can talk to Chloe about all things social media, music, and TV shows. Her starbucks order is a vanilla sweet cream cold brew.


I'm a little crazy about...



Celebrity Crush

Tom Holland

Favorite store

Dry Goods

Favorite Song

Hot Shower Chance the rapper




Star Wars and Marvel



Starbucks Order

White Chocolate Mocha WIth Sweet Cream Foam


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